Vision & Mission


  • Be a leading institution in providing an overall dental education & research on par with International standards leading to direct patient benefit and improved healthcare of the society.


Emerge as the centre of excellence in imparting education as well as in service to patient and community by:

  • Widening intellectual and skill horizons empowering the students to be globally competent (core value- student competency).
  • Inculcating ethical and moral responsibilities towards Patient, Society and Nation along with system based – evidence based- practice management while promoting the use of technology (core value–professionalism, system-based practice management, use of technology).
  • Developing scientific endeavours through Research and collaboration and lifelong learning (core value- innovation, teamwork and lifelong learning).


The following are the overall Institutional Objectives that include the expansion of core values in our mission:

Domains/Core Values Of MissionDescription Of Objectives
Academic And Research▶ To develop the student to an Intellectual (knowledgeable) & skilled dental surgeon/clinician who understands and provides preventive, promotive, curative, palliative and holistic care [with compassion, both at individual as well as community level, and compliant with national and regional oral healthcare policies]. The core part of this Graduate attribute 1 has the following:

★ To apply the knowledge of normal and abnormal human structure, function and development from a molecular, cellular, biologic, clinical, behavioural and social perspectives, for critical thinking/ decision making with prevention, diagnosis, management and rehabilitative care
★ To demonstrate the competencies of psychomotor/surgical skills that encompass procedural knowledge, improved precision and automation.

▶ To create learning opportunities that are adapted to diverse contexts inside and outside the classrooms. (Institution related)

▶ To mould academically excellent and professionally competent teachers equipped with proper conceptual understanding and functional efficiency intertwined with scientific temper appropriate for the new world order (Teacher related)

▶ To conceptualize and practically apply formal and informal evaluation strategies to assess the continuous all-round development of the learners (Institution related)

▶ To instill a research based academic culture through implementation of issue based problem solving approach in the student and with this tool he/she progressing as a lifelong learner (Graduate attribute 2)

▶ To enhance the professional competence of teacher educators and master degree scholars through action research and other collaborative activities (Teacher related)
Personal And Interpersonal▶ To empower the students through the development of integrated personality characterized by teamwork/leadership readiness quality and a good Communicator at all required levels. Here the Advocacy, self-awareness and emotional intelligence would be a default learning. (Graduate attribute 3)

To acquire proficiency in teaching, research, extension and counseling and guidance services leading to excellence in classroom/teacher education practices (Teacher related)
Ethical/ Universal Value▶ To empower the students through the development of integrated personality characterized by professionalism that encompass commitment, humanitarian/value based principles, medico-legal/ ethical competency, societal/cultural competency, evidence based practitioner, comply environmental sustainability, compliance with global to regional health care & oral healthcare policies, all incorporated in the management care of individual patient as well as at community level (Graduate attribute 4)

▶ To train the new generation teachers to perceive and transfer social and spiritual values of the society and protect the cultural ethos. (Teacher related)
Global/ National/ Social▶ To strengthen oral healthcare delivery system, at levels of individual patient as well as community, as per National Oral Health Policy while rendering promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services and at the same time equip future service providers to meet the regional, National and Global oral health demands and challenges. (Institution related, also under Graduate attribute 4)

▶ To promote adherence to national values through meaningful actions upholding constitutional obligations and promote the spirit of living together and collaboration among students and others in this modern world of many diversities. (Institution related)

▶ To up-lift the educationally backward/ weaker sections of the society through meaningful actions. (Institution related)
Environmental▶ To develop an eco-friendly and pollution free lifestyle inside and outside the institution, and to develop a positive attitude towards sustainable development while preventing the over exploitation (under Graduate attribute 4)
Technology/ Other Enhanced Capabilities
Develop Practice Management with Enhanced capacities in Digital/newer technologies, health economics, sociology & demographics, life support, biohazard safety, etc.. (Graduate attribute 5)
Aesthetic▶ To develop the capabilities among the students to appreciate with philosophy of beauty at all levels of creation, that include not only dento-orofacial aesthetics (while designing and treating) but also interpreting and conserving the environment, diversity, culture, art and inner spiritual forms that helps in generating Indian holistic vision. (under Graduate attribute 5)