Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

Professor & HOD

Dr. N. M. Dhanya Kumar

Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics HOD Desk

Conservative dentistry emphasises on the modern principles of dentistry, which states “prevention of extension”. Operative and restorative dentistry is practiced integrating with adhesive techniques. Students are taught basic principles with emphasis on latest advancements. Quality work is expected and stressed on. The department is at par with the most advanced technology and dental materials. Time and again, students and staff are encouraged to utilise the facilities.

These include dental operating microscope, advanced generations of electronic apex locators, radiovisiography unit, electrocautery unit and obturating systems. Further, it is well equipped with recent restorative materials and endodontic rotary systems. Ultrasonic equipment and instrument retrieval systems are available as well.

The department has a separate surgical room, well equipped with an operating microscope, making our institute one of the very first ones to own it in the country. Minor surgical instruments are available along with a DSLR camera for intra oral photography. The four pillars of our department are academics, clinical skills, technology and most important is research. The staff members and students are actively involved in various research activities and publications.