Public Health Dentistry

Public Health Dentistry Overview

The department of Public Health Dentistry has been committed to promoting dental care through excellence in teaching the art of prevention. The department has been actively involved in providing comprehensive treatment, education, awareness, counselling and means regarding oral health care to the oppressed and inaccessible sections of the society alongside the masses with due concern to special care groups like school children and specially abled individual. It has been an active participant in Colgate’s Bright Smiles Bright Future program targeting the school children and has been successful in providing preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative care to the needy free of cost. We also have a well-equipped, fully functional and state of the art mobile dental unit specially designed to target remote areas. Provision has been made for referral of the patients requiring advanced care to the institution at subsidized rates. The department has also adopted four primary health centers with regular screening and treatment visits for ensuring incorporation of oral health care in the existing health infrastructure with due consideration to rural exposure to the graduating interns. The department also has an oral health education museum situated in ground floor containing a plethora of health education materials, models, charts, portraits and exhibits contributed by the undergraduate students as their project works. As far as the postgraduate course is concerned, the department has immensely promoted the conduct of numerous research studies including experimental and epidemiological studies. The faculty has been constantly encouraging the post graduates for publication of the research projects in various national and international journals.

List of our Teaching Faculty

Professor & Head

Dr. Prashanth .G. M.

This department is strongly committed to oral health care needs of local population and addresses the current oral health scenario in the society and plans to improve the status. We in the department show the different role of dentist in society as a provider of preventive, restorative and curative services i.e. comprehensive care to public at large under a single roof. We organize student camp activities and projects in order to make students serve the community at their professional capacity.

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