Professor & Head

Dr. SunilDutt Christopher

Implantology HOD Desk

Over the past few decades the quantum of growth Implantology has seen is enormous. Implantology is the art and science of diagnosis, planning and treatment of edentulous spaces in jaws and missing facial structures using titanium fixtures called implants. Since the time I joined as HOD of this Department in July 2015, along with the extensive support of the staff, we have seen a rapid growth. This, I would attribute to the unconditional support extended by the management as well as the Director, Principal and Vice-principal. In August, P.G. Students from periodontics, prosthodontics enrolled and the activities then on picked up speed. Currently, we have had more than 20 registrations for the next batch which includes P.G students from various specialties, fresh graduates and staff members. The first batch of students have expressed their satisfaction in terms ‘of skill development as well as discussions which are relevant. The variety of surgical patients they have been exposed to is commendable. We are in the process of preparing synopsis in a few topics on implants and very soon we will also be starting with research programs which again are the main objective of the academy. In future we expect to grow enormously and contribute to articles, research and improving standards in terms of implant practise with the continued support from CODS.