Oral Pathology & MicroBiology

Professor & Head

Dr. Madushankari G. S.

Oral Pathology & MicroBiology HOD Desk

The department of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology & Microbiology is dedicated to training dental students, internees and future specialists in oral & maxillofacial pathology, dental anatomy, dental histology, microbiology, forensic dentistry and related fields. The department is involved in teaching 200 undergraduate students in 2 subjects and 12 postgraduate students at all times, while providing support for varying numbers of external PhD students and postgraduate students at various times. The department provides services in surgical pathology, cytology, clinical chemistry, clinical oral microbiology, immunodiagnostics and salivary diagnostics. Our department is actively involved in research work and plays a major role in the success of College of Dental sciences in the field of specialty research, interdisciplinary research and as an important collaborator and support provider to external research projects being conducted by other dental, medical and even engineering colleges.

The department is committed to fulfill its duty as a responsible part of the community by providing the best quality of diagnostic services to the patients, constantly upgrading and compiling epidemiologic data of regionally common pathological conditions and also educating the public in the pathogenesis of preventable oral and dental conditions such as oral squamous cell carcinoma and fluorosis.