Professor & HOD

Dr. G. Shivaprakash

Orthodontics HOD Desk

The department possesses the latest of equipment to aid in the learning of both undergraduate and post graduate students. Frequent workshops conducted by the department provide opportunities for interaction with the pioneers in the field. State of the art clinical and laboratory facilities with access to latest materials and appliances ensure that the department is a pioneer in clinical orthodontics carrying latest methodology in teaching & training students.

The department is forerunner with regard to innovations, it has been recognized by the various bodies for its exquisite work in the area done by the faculty and the post graduate students in the form for of awards. A step further, it is making progress with regard to patency.

The department is also known for the multidisciplinary management of cases. The Department of Orthodontics strives to imbibe into its system, newer techniques and methodology. This aids the student in acquiring the clinical expertise that they need. The team of faculty are always updated & well-read to cater the needs, apart from clinical that include publications & research.

Every institute needs to constantly renew its infrastructure and services provided, to the changing trends that occur. Our department also formulates plans to upgrade itself. These improvements are made in both the infrastructure as well as the services provided.