Professor & Head

Dr. Shobha Prakash

Periodontics HOD Desk

I Dr.ShobhaPrakash, Vice Principal, Professor & Head of the Department of Periodontics welcome you all to the department in College of Dental Sciences. Periodontics is a branch of Dentistry dealing with the supporting structures of the teeth in health & disease. This is one of the oldest, branch in dentistry & as came a very long way. Analysis of periodontal tissues & elucidation of the mechanism and cause of diseases have extended for beyond and into the relation of cellular & molecular biological understanding. New therapeutic goals and clinical techniques based on evidence have facilitated better outcome and today reconstruction & regeneration of -lost periodontal tissues, replacement of compromised teeth with implants & creation of aesthetics have become an integral part of periodontics. Also the role of periodontal diseases in causation of systemic diseases makes diagnosis essential & treatment imperative. The multifaceted and complex task of educating undergraduates & postgraduates in this field is taken by our esteemed team of staff & paradental staff members who work with a vision to the goal to train & educate the students to become educators, clinicians & researchers.