Cultural Activities

Jawaharlal Nehru had famously commented once that “Culture is the widening of mind and spirit”. The very essence of this statement should ideally be the mantra for the overall development of any student of the modern era. Education, as they say should venter much beyond the academic arena and not only enhance a pupil’s knowledge but also explore, polish and propagate an individual’s personality, skills and talent.

India being a seat of culture of the world, boasting of a rich heritage of culture is an inspiration in herself for any academic in situation. The College of Dental Sciences has always been a renowned temple of education in the kingdom of dentistry and with time has incorporated various means to ensure the wholesome development of its student’s physical, moral and emotional states. Though a platform of co-curricular activities including those based on sports and cultural events the institution has ensured wide avenues of socialization self-identification and self-assessment of a student.

These event both at the group and individual levels involves both the student and teachers granting a strong bond among the participants and a rich sense of harmony & solidarity among all the members of the college, thus unearthingand popularizing a rich bank of hidden talents. The week long events also adds forever to the fun and frolic quotient of the college, providing a much needed and otherwise hectic life of any dental professional.