Academy Of Continuing Education (ACE-CODS)

Continuing Dental Education is extremely important in the dental field. We at College of Dental Sciences to keep ourselves abreast with latest developments established Academy of Continuing Education-CODS (ACE CODS) on 10 and 11th March of 2001. The world of dentistry is growing extremely fast and will continue to grow over time, making it clear why it’s so important to continue dental education.

Objectives :

  • Dentists will be able to improve their skills and learn the latest techniques during such continuing educational sessions.
  • License renewal is another reason for the importance of Dental Continuing Education.
  • Continuing education in the dental field will ensure that the patients of such dentists are offered the latest diagnostic, preventive and treatment methods in the industry.
  • Continuing education will open new career pathways to individuals who are beginning their career in the dental industry.
  • Continuing education in the dental field will help to enhance the professionalism of the individuals participating in these seminars, classes and programs. They will be armed with the latest knowledge in the field of dentistry.