Research Grants

Number of research projects/clinical trials funded by government, industries and non-governmental agencies during the last five years

YearName of the Principal InvestigatorTitle of the projectName of the Funding agencyDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardDuration of the project
2016-21Dr. Neetha HarishaChemopreventive Synergism Between Green Tea Extract and Curcumin in patients with high-risk potentially malignant oral lesions”RGUHS, Bangalore, KarnatakaOral Medicine & radiology2016completed in 2021
2016-18Dr. Swamy MCLModified schirmer’s test – a novel method for detection and analysis of xerostomia among subjects on corticosterioid inhalers, antidepressants and anthypertensive medications”RGUHS, Bangalore, KarnatakaOral Medicine & radiology20162 years
2019-20Miss Tharini Guided by Dr Mohan Kumar K PGenotoxicity assessment in iron deficiency anemia patients using micronuclear assay.RGUHS, Bangalore, KarnatakaOral Pathology & Microbiology20183months
2019-20Dr.Mamatha G.PEffect of punicagranatum extract on oral candida albicans RGUHS, Bangalore, KarnatakaOral Medicine & radiology20193months
2020-21Dr. Neetha HarishaSelf reported use of tobacco versus salivary cotinine level as a biomarker of tobacco exposureICMROral Medicine & radiology20201 year
2020-21Sreeja L guided by Dr Sushanth V H Evaluating the influence by using peer as oral healtheducation toolamong 10 -12 yeah old govrnment school childrenRGUHS, BangalorePublic Health Dentistry20203months
2021-22Miss Rohini Patil Guided by Dr Mohan Kumar K PEvaluation of predictability of Stature/ height of an individual using Odonto metric valuesRGUHS, Bangalore, Karnatakaoral Pathology & Microbiology20213months
2021-22Dr Shwetha PrasadComparative evaluation of effect of rose aromatherapy and without aromatherapy on dental anxiety and pain perception in children: A crossover randomized clinical TrialAroma TreasuresPediatric & preventive dentistry20211 year