The philosophy of teaching-learning is led by research. We encourage students to take challenges of societal needs and look for possible solutions. This methodology is not only inculcated in various post graduate programs but also in undergraduate studies. As a faculty, we are committed to create a healthy learning environment where research plays a major role. We are also committed to impart the best knowledge and practices.The Dean of an academic unit at College of Dental Sciences is the designated leader and administrative officer responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the college within the policies, directions and plans of the university as a whole. Research helps to maintain a collegial work climate, cooperatively leading the academic unit towards improved productivity and relevancy, ensuring the academic integrity and curricular coherence of all programs embraced within it. It also encourages and nurture a multicultural education in a self-competitive environment where students can learn the necessary knowledge, skills and values to practice dentistry as compassionate, and caring, givers of dental care.