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The department of conservative dentistry and endodontics ever since its inception, it has been growing and expanding.We, the endodontists, work with dental pulp, the core of the tooth and similar to our discipline, it has been our constant endeavour to encourage the development of the college, working has the core member of the team. Our department has been designed to satisfy the needs of those who wish to acquire greater skills, knowledge and experience in endodontics, as well as a background in biological sciences. Aesthetic dentistry wins the heart of patients by integrating art and science of dentistry with the beauty of what is natural through smile design, ceramic veneers, crowns, bleaching and tooth coloured restorations.

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Dr. Vasundhara Shivanna

Conservative dentistry emphasises on the modern principles of dentistry, which states “prevention of extension”. Operative and restorative dentistry is practiced integrating with adhesive techniques. Students are taught basic principles with emphasis on latest advancements. Quality work is expected and stressed on. The department is at par with the most advanced technology and dental materials. Time and again, students and staff are encouraged to utilise the facilities.

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